Report on visit by Imanol Walsh from Chesham Neighbourhood Policing Team, 22nd June 2022

On Wednesday 22nd June we welcomed to our monthly meeting Imanol (Immie) Walsh from Chesham Neighbourhood Policing Team, who are currently based in Chesham Library.  Imanol was very supportive of the group and hopes to return in the future.

A couple of things I noted from his talk:

Only dial 999 if urgent help is needed, but call 101 if concerned or needing advice,
or contact to report an incident.

If anyone is anxious and fears they are being followed or harassed, a safe refuge can be found in shops offering Safe Spaces where staff have received training.  If you see the sign in their window, just go up to the counter and have a word with them.

It’s worth downloading an offline local Google map to your youngster’s mobile phone, so even if there is no internet connection available, they can still find their way home.

Imanol left some magazines with us on ‘Digital Parenting’, plus some pre-school children’s books on what a Policeman does.  Do ask Carol if you would like to borrow them.

We look forward to welcoming Immie back at another of our monthly meetings in the future.

Linda Carroll

SPACE Leader