How NOT To Murder Your ADHD Kid

Author: Sarah Templeton

ISBN: 97817399588 0 0

Book Review by Linda Carroll, SPACE Leader, May 2022

How NOT to Murder Your ADHD Kid

Instead Learn How To Be Your Child’s ADHD Coach

By: Sarah Templeton – ADH Coach and Counsellor

Publisher: Gemini Publishing


This is the best book on ADHD I have ever read – so insightful!

Each section/chapter ends with “Don’t even think about …….” and “What works better ….”.

Some examples of her chapters are:

The ADHD traits nobody told you about

When they won’t do as they’re told

When they won’t share

When food becomes a problem

When they start stealing

When they start getting in trouble with the Law

When the question of medication comes up


If you need guidance on handling ADHD children and young people, this book is a must. There is also a glossary of terms/what does that mean, at the end of the book.

I did invite Sarah to speak at SPACE, but she can’t cope with mornings, and won’t book anything until after lunch.

I found this life-changing guidance on helping to understand ADHD, and I highly recommend it.